About us

As a team we are mix of technology NUTS and business BOLTS. Continuously learning, creative and disciplined at the same time. SchoolApps is a creation from Ether.

We started selling SMS communications module to schools to help them communicate back and forth with parents. Moving around the schools, we understood that there was little or absolutely no software or any technology tool to make life simpler in a school environment. This is how School-Apps was born.

Ether was established in 2006 by tech enthusiasts and great business mentors with a focus to provide awesome solutions over the cloud. Proponents of the open source technologies, young and energetic. The team has seriously fooled around the mobile wireless space and web solutions. School-Apps web solutions is our primary focus. We want to see a change happening in the education domain with technology.

Our Team

  • alt Nihar Kalghatgi He has been enterprising schoolApps, an enthusiast who love's to experiment and explore. Comes with an engineering background and startup experience. Currently he is searching those daredevils who want to bring in a change to education with technology. [...]