Why schoolApps

Design and Usability: schoolapps was designed with considerations from school administrators, Heads, Principals and teachers understanding their pain areas and how simple technology applications can make big difference to a schools functioning in terms of effort and efficiency. User interfaces were designed thinking of the learning curve with school staff and their adaptibility with computers.

Ready hosted No worries with IT management : SchoolsApps comes ready hosted, there are no setups and installations, the schoolapps engineering team takes control of all the IT management, maintenance and resolutions. All that a school would need is a stable internet connection where they can connect from. This takes away all the hazzels and investment costs with setting up an IT infrastructure in the school environment.

24 X 7 availibitly: applications within schoolapps are available round the clock for school administrators, when they are away from the school environment,keeping them up to date with all the happenings in the school.

PAY-FOR WHAT-YOU-USE : SchoolApps comes with NO-RISK model, where the school pays only for the apps they choose and use during the period. There is no vendor lock-in compared to the conventional way, where schools make heavy investment in the software purchase and then have to continue with whats been provided. schoolApps does away from the conventional model, schools get to choose the application they want and commit to a subscription period. If they feel they have benifited from it they continue to use.

Teachers have the flexibility to work from Home: With this model teacher have the flexibility to balance work and family, with its availability teachers can now definitely work from home, and receive updates on the status of the work done, specially when its assessments reporting time. when a lot of teachers are involved compiling assessment reports during term ends.

Proven with some of the best schools in India. Since its inception schoolapps has received a greate response from the some of finest schools in India. Making us believe more in the work we are doing.

Customers LIVE with the SERVICE and NOT with the Product. We definitely believe that customers live with the service and not with the product, a great product with a fanatic support is something that the schoolapps team will continue to aim at.