Which of the applications should i use ?


"Think the way you would buy pickles, you would taste it to buy it"

SchoolApps is a bunch of web applications to choose from, any schools from playgroup, Nursery, uptill class 10th of State Boards, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE schools can use schoolsApps.

Admissions online: This directly puts your schools application procedures online . Making it easy for parents to apply, and at the same time reducing the redundant queries and all the manual work of scrutiny and communications. It puts you in control with the process and eases down the load during the peak admission's season. Parents remain well informed and follow through the application process.

Information Base: Tracking students, employee and administrative staff records over the academic years becomes cumbersome, having it put in one place with a powerful query engine, one can search through it and get this right information in no time. Tracking students with the registration numbers makes it easy to search them and their vital information.

Connect: In a school environment , there is a lot of communication happening to and fro from the schools to parents and vice verse,conventionally schools followed with notice boards and student diaries. With time current situations called for more  robust  , efficient and economical ways of communications. SchoolApps connect uses SMS and email to connect with parents on the go. schools admins can send a notice to the entire schools in a couple of minutes and have all its parents informed.

Grade books or Assessments are part of the academic work , and one of the most important things during the term end. Teachers have to put in a lot of effort and time  to consolidate students's progress and then compile it into a progress report. SchoolApps makes teachers work independently  and all the assessments reports are consolidated waiting to be printed and distributed. Teachers can also work from home, and keep noting all their observations and grading students during the academic year.

Analytics and graphical representation of the progress sheets make it more intuitive and appealing to the students and parents giving an insight of the development.

Teachers can now have more time with their core expertise with academics than the paper work involved. 

Attendance: Employee and student attendance are mandatory and schools need to keep a record of it. Employees punch into bio metric devices to log their attendance, and the schoolApps application will calculate their working hours on a monthly basis, making it further easy for the payroll department. Student records are similarly maintained and monthly reports generated. 

Home work and Assignments: Teachers regularly give home assignments to students, this is noted over the application so that even parents can a have look as to whats in for today, the application takes care that the homework does not pass certain limit of working hours. Teachers can later check to acknowledge as to who have made their submissions on time.

Fees: Fees assignments , collections and processing is quiet a tedious task, more often schools complain of the acknowledgement from banks. processing fees online and re conciliation of the processed fees against the creditor is what schoolApps is working on. 

Which schools ? 

An ideal school lifecycle with technology implementation. As schools grow and evolve, technology needs change.

A newly Started School: a good dynamic CMS website that portraits your school information, You would be then interested in setting up admissions online, in order to cater to a larger audience, parents migrating from different cities and abroad could get into your school’s admission process.

2 years: Schools would now have good strength of students and would prefer an information base where in all the students and employee information, different classes, subjects are maintained and queried in day to day operations. Also you could get connected over SMS with parents Building a proactive school.

3 to 4 Years: Now it’s time that all the processes are set and everything has roughly settled in. You could get on with Assessments and analytical reporting for students. Students and employee attendance and its reporting would now have a priority.

5 years an above: Your school has now definitely matured and can now look into processing fees online. With correct acknowledgements from Banking institutions and proper reporting.