Powerful web applications for schools

  • What is it ?

    A bunch of powerful applications for schools ready in the cloud

  • Why SchoolApps?

    Its ready, simple, proven with pay as you go model. Almost at a zero risk. Running with some of the best schools in India

  • Which one of the Apps?

    Online admissions, Assessments, Connect.....

  • How do I start ?

    Take a trial, Go on a test drive and find out !

What is SchoolApps ?

SchoolApps is a technology platform to help schools implement technology applications without worrying about the IT infrastructure, its management and get going. All you need are a few computers and an internet connection to get started.

Your school could be anywhere in the WORLD. Once you are connected over the internet, you can run SchoolApps. 

Host of Applications to choose: SchoolApps was designed with a lot of feedback from people who run and manage schools daily. Understanding their pain areas, we choose to design and build applications that could be used independently. Every school has different problems to handle depending upon its establishment years, its functioning and students strength. Information Database, Admissions online, Grade Books (Assessments and Reporting), Student and Employee Attendance, Fees, SMS / Email Communications, Parent Portal, Home work and assignments are some of the applications you can choose from.

The schoolApps team is passionate. A company started by enthusiastic and excited people in 2008. We have built a team of engineers, marketers and business guys who love the idea and want to see it grow BIG.